Everton Rudd

Everton Rudd was born in St. Andrew, Jamaica. He spent his early years in Miami, FL, where he displayed a particular talent for drawing. He first developed his love for drawing, modeling, and animation through the RR Moton Elementary School Magnet Program. Mr. Rudd holds a MA in Visual Effects (VFX) from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and a BFA from Florida State University (FSU). He is a 3D Generalist, with a focus on modeling and lighting.

Everton Rudd is highly proficient in VFX theories and their applications. It is this knowledge of software theory which allows him to expand his skillset beyond the scope of his original expertise. He works effortlessly in various software packages, including PhotoShop, Maya and Nuke. He is also highly skilled in several aspects of the VFX pipeline, films focusing on practical lighting, and lighting’s relation to 3D. Mr. Rudd has completed various projects as a 3D Generalist freelancer -- all the while sharpening his skills and keeping abreast of the latest technologies in his field.

Everton Rudd has served as Lead Modeler on the short film “Sailing Stones”. He also has worked as the VFX supervisor on the groundbreaking short film “The Invention Of Cloudsurfing”, shot entirely in stereo 3D. On this film, Mr. Rudd had the opportunity to work alongside many industry professionals, including Director Andrew J. Mitchell, and with his largest budget to date. The experience gave him the chance to lead a team of artists in fulfilling the director’s vision for his film. “Sailing Stones” was nominated for video of the week on Awardeo, and “The Invention Of Cloudsurfing” will be presented at independent film festivals upon completion.

Additionally, Mr. Rudd has worked in various capacities with international Rap star Flo Rida including Videographer, documentarian, and photo editor. And given his VFX expertise, Everton Rudd was able to take on the task of Colourist on the short film “Boxing Day”.

Everton Rudd is excited to work on “Witness” and to collaborate with his brother, Christopher Rudd, for the first time. They both hope this is the first of many such collaborations.